Amazon Sumerian API resources

Useful links for programatically generating 3D entities. ...

I’ve recently been having fun playing with the Amazon Sumerian API and have collated a bunch of information that I’ve used so far to learn the platform.

At first I found their documentation pretty confusing, but I’ve made progress after getting my head stuck in and have been able to:

My intention is to learn Amazon Sumerian by creating a 3D version of this website that can be viewed in browser via desktop/tablet/mobile and in AR/VR.

Building a Web XR blog would be fun and would also teach me alot about how to create Web XR experiences for production, which I think is really important given how everything is becoming more web based due to the corona virus.

Some useful Sumerian resources I’ve recently found online are:

One of the key advantages to using Sumerian is how easily it can integrate into other AWS services. A good example of this is Amazon Sumerian Hosts, which uses Amazon Lex (as experimented with before when creating a facebook chatbot) and Amazon Polly to create an AI driven chatbot that can talk with / interact with you in 3D. Useful resources to create this are:

Hopefully these resources are helpful to other people figuring out the Amazon Sumerian platform – good luck! 😀

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