What is WebXR

What is WebXR and why is it so exciting

An explanation of what WebXR is and examples of how it is being used

In a previous blog post I explained the underlying XR (Extended Reality) technologies that enable the Metaverse.

In this post I will explain the impact of WebXR on the future of the internet and show some examples of what it is capable of.

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What is WebXR

To understand what WebXR is, you need to first understand what Extended Reality is, luckily for you I’ve already written a blog post all about that – click here to check it out!

In a nutshell, WebXR is an api on web browsers, that allows the XR hardware (such as headsets and mobiles devices) to work on websites through the use of WebGL.

In practical terms, this means that when you visit a webpage – you will be able to interact with the 3D content – regardless of what device you are on.

As an example, see this below interactive graphic of the word ‘WebXR’.

If you open it on a desktop / tablet / mobile device, you will be able to interact with it by tapping/clicking it. If you are on an AR, MR or VR capable device (e.g a Virtual Reality Headset), it will give you the option to interact with it in XR.

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Why use WebXR

Traditionally XR has been limited to native apps that must be downloaded onto a users device, this has been due to hardware and software limitations.

WebXR has huge potential, for the same reason that web apps have advantages over native apps – they are just easier and quicker to get up on your device and use!

As technical limitations for WebXR shrink, exciting benefits become clearer:


Examples of WebXR

Whilst WebXR is still in active development, it already has a lot of exciting applications that have been created for all sorts of categories.



In this post, you’ve learnt what WebXR is and various examples of it.

I hope this has been helpful in understanding these technologies and I plan on making more posts on how to get started with WebXR.

In the meantime, have fun playing with WebXR 😀 

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